13 Amazing Effective Wart Removal Home Remedies

Warts, characterized by rough elevations on skin surface can be well cured using home remedies. Warts appears in different shapes and sizes on body. It affects mainly on body parts like elbows, face and knees. According to the place of occurrence, warts are divided into different types like genital warts,plantar warts, subungual warts and periungual warts. Today there are lots of remedial measures available for treating warts. Let’s see some effective home remedies to remove warts.

Castor oil for wart removal

Castor oil is one of the best recommended wart removal home remedies by health practitioners. You can directly apply castor oil on affected skin surface. In order to obtain satisfactory result, people are advised to apply castor oil twice per day. You can do this treatment before going to bed and after waking up.

Grapefruit juice as a wart removal home remedy

Those people with warts are advised to apply grapefruit juice directly on affected area. For best result, people can repeat this treatment two to four times a day. After topical application of grapefruit juice, cover the area with a bandage. It ensures complete safety and cures warts naturally. You could see the result within a week to three weeks duration.

Onion to cure warts

Onion is found to be as a safe home remedy to cure warts. You can cut an onion and rub it directly on warts. Also, you can apply onion juice added with salt on affected area. It is one of the cheapest and effective home remedies to cure warts.

Dandelion milk to remove warts

Dandelion milk, enriched with multiple health benefits is a best recommended wart removal home remedy. You can cut the stem of dandelion to take milk out. For optimum result, this herbal milk is applied two or three times per day on wart affected area. Apart from curing warts, topical application of dandelion milk also helps in treating acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Banana peels to get rid of warts

As per studies, banana peel is found to be as an effective wart removal home remedy. People with warts are advised to place the banana peel on warts with the yellow or inner side facing towards warts. To make peel stick to warts, it is advised to use a bandage or tape. For best result, it is recommended to do this treatment overnight for at least two weeks time period.

Pineapples to remove warts

This wart removal home remedy is found to be very effective to give result within short period of time. In some cases, it may give result within three days or less time period. People who have warts are advised to place a piece of sliced pineapple on affected area. Papain, an active enzyme in pineapple dissolves dead skin cells. It improves skin health and makes skin to appear healthy and glowy.

Raw potatoes as wart removal home remedy

Raw potato is one of the widely suggested wart removal home remedies by health experts. People suffering from warts are advised to rub raw potatoes on affected area. Consistent treatment using potatoes ensures satisfactory result within two to three weeks duration. It provides a natural bleaching effect and cures warts safely. You can also make raw potato juice as a skin wash. It lightens dark spots,reduces blemishes and enhances skin tone naturally.

Echinacea to remove warts

Echinacea, an active ingredient in herbal products is an efficient wart removal home remedy. It treats warts by addressing the viruses producing
infection. People are advised to intake echinacea juice frequently to promote skin health. It boosts the immunity strength of body and prevents the risk of health disorders naturally. Treating skin disorders like ulcers, burns, eczema and psoriasis are other health benefits of using echinacea.

Cure warts with duct tape

Applying duct tape to warts is one of the widely used wart removal home remedies. In this home remedy, wart is covered with a duct tape. After a few days,duct tape is removed and the wart affected area is rubbed with a pumice stone to remove the top layer of skin. You can repeat this treatment every day until the wart is gone. In order to get required result, it is advised to continue treatment for one or two months duration. Long term use of duct tape may induce irritation on skin surface. Hence this home remedy is not usually recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Vitamin A and E oil for wart removal

As per studies, topical application of vitamin A and E oil is found to be as an effective wart removal home remedy. At present, you can easily get these supplement oils from online market stores. Those people with warts are advised to apply vitamin A and E oil twice per day on affected skin surface. Apart from removing warts, this treatment also helps to other skin disorders like wounds, stretch marks, psoriasis and skin cancer.

Tea tree oil as a wart removal home remedy

Tea tree oil, one of the best used essential oils for treating skin disorders is a safe home remedy for warts. To obtain satisfactory result, people are advised to apply undiluted tea tree oil on warts several times a day. At present, tea tree oil is a common ingredient used for the preparation of skin care products. Curing acne, treating blisters and preventing sun burns are other main advantages of using tea tree oil products.

Garlic for wart removal

Garlic, enriched with anti-viral properties is a safe wart removal home remedy. For obtaining best result,people are advised to apply garlic paste in combination with tea tree oil. Treatment duration varies as per the size of warts. Garlic cloves are applied on warts and then covered with adhesive bandage. It is advised to repeat the procedure for three to four weeks duration.

Calendula to cure warts

Calendula is an effective wart removal home remedy recommended by health practitioners. This herbal cure can be used both internally and externally. It is found to be very beneficial for treating viral infections.People are advised to apply calendula directly to warts several times a day. It improves immunity strength and flushes out viruses causing warts.

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